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Adil provides a wide range of services to our customers across the US, including: IT Outsourcing / IT Security/Business Solutions/ IT Staffing

Application Development:

Adil leverages its expertise in the areas of development, migration/customization, maintenance, re-engineering and productivity enhancement.

Information Systems Management

Our system management initiatives and expertise involves one or more of these tasks: System availability monitoring and metrics, Asset inventory, installation and support, User's activities monitoring, capacity planning, Security management, Storage/DR management. Adil offers services in developing functional/design specifications and technical documentation; Providing installation, testing, auditing, integration, and support for operating systems, applications programming, and database systems.

Infrastructure Management

Our comprehensive Infrastructure management solution includes expertise in deploying/integrating/ maintaining all Network (data, voice and video) components. Our services are aimed at enabling clients to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, design and deploy converged solutions that deliver measureable performances improvements. We strive to offer consistent superior performance and offer an agile infrastructure to meet ever changing business needs. The services also includes Contingency Planning, Managed Security service, Information Assurance and Audit. Our USP; Confidentiality, Delivery, Integrity & High Availability

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

We offer a comprehensive data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution that includes design/development, ETL architecture, Data modeling, development, reporting, tune business process and business rules, map business objectives with DW requirements. Please see the following brochure for a detailed look at what Adil Business Systems, Inc. can offer your organization.

IT Security

With increased emphasis on Homeland Security, Adil offers a wide range of services designed to meet the specific needs of Government Agencies. Our range of services assist Agencies to detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from security threats. These services include:

  • Systems Integration
  • Commercial-off-the Shelf/Government-off-the Shelf Integration
  • Secure Communications Design, Development, and Implementation
  • Training
  • Systems Design and Architecture Development
  • Software Development
  • Technical Assistance Studies/Assessments
  • Access Cards and other Access systems
  • Secure hardware and Network platforms

Business Solutions

Adil provides business solutions to our clients in three significant areas:

  • IT Management & Planning
  • Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)
  • Technology Procurement (Marketwatching)

IT Management & Planning

Information Technology Management Consulting and Planning encompass services that provide support to the management of the IT function. These IT areas include personal computing, networking, LAN Server based systems, midrange systems and large-scale systems. Services focus on satisfying the needs of IT managers and executives and on providing solutions allowing them to maximize the contribution their organizations can make to the enterprise.

Services may involve assistance in policy formulation, re-investment decisions, external/internal resource decisions, integration of sources of IT within the enterprise and developing architectures), economics (value analysis, contribution and productivity analysis, financial tools and alternative funding and charging mechanisms, plus research into budgets and spending patterns), organization (the development of business models and management processes), planning (structuring the IT organization of an enterprise to increase alignment and to better identify business opportunities, also management implications of emerging IT technological issues, addressing of disaster recovery strategies), learning (processes for adoption of appropriate best practices, contracting and relationship management and the various means to add skills to an IT organization), and effective use of the IT function (business unit managers' responsibilities for IT, the management of external service providers and the marketing of IT services within the enterprise).

Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

Adil's services focus on identifying target processes, maximizing efficiencies, managing change and leveraging technology investments to re-engineer the enterprise business functions.

These services include a complete rethinking and redesigning of the enterprise from the business management and decision-making processes, through the supporting IT systems, to the underlying business transformation processes themselves.

Technology Procurement (Marketwatching)

Adil's procurement services provide knowledge and know-how relative to recommendations for the purchasing of hardware and software in light of current technology market trends and conditions. The service supports new procurement strategies and systems to effectively cope with IT asset procurement.

Our clients must have timely information and analysis concerning the best-in-class deals and prices, knowledge of financial, secondary market and outsourcing alternatives, distribution channels and hardware and software asset management strategies (including both acquisition & retirement). A significant part of making procurement decisions also includes recommendations for action, advice on negotiating tactics, knowledge of contract terms & conditions as well as primary and secondary market pricing trends and financing alternatives.

IT Staffing

Our strategic IT staffing services include contract, temporary, and contract-to-hire personnel. Our process and tools-based staffing solutions have supported multiple organizations to bridge the talent gap. Utilization of these tools allows Adil to eliminate redundancy of efforts, increase productivity, and ensure compliance and effective reporting of each task assigned. Our cost effective and efficient services have proven value to organizations year over year and is testimony to our repeat customer base.