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The City Of New York, Administration For Children Services

Our consultant teams have developed various client-server and web based applications using technologies like Visual Basic, .NET, Java, Websphere among others. Our teams are also working on developing and administering critical agency databases. Our Network teams assist the agency in maintaining its state-of-the art 4000 user network. Some of our current ongoing initiatives are mentioned below.

Project 1

Our team is responsible for the analysis and design of a check production application using Visual Basic and an Access Data Base. They are responsible for the analysis of a BICS Dbase III file that is to be converted to an Access data base format. They are also responsible for taking the output from an existing Tracking System and converting the output to meet the payment vendors format. The application creates voucher numbers for the Tracking System payment files. The application contains several control tables, and archiving capabilities. The conversion will have a quality control built in to compare the total number of checks and dollar amount of the source date file to the converted Access database. The application will have capabilities to create a Password protected Zip file, using WINZIP, of the payment database to be sent to the payment Vendor. The team will be responsible for producing complete documentation and end user procedure manual. Our team will also be responsible for training end users in the use of the application.

Project 2

The child specific information is to be reviewed to support payment and claims. Currently the amount paid is based on self-reported care days submitted by the contract agencies. This amount is higher that what the agency is able to claim. Claims submitted to NYS for reimbursement are based on information as current within the state systems. Our efforts are to get to the point were payment equals claim.