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City Of New York, Human Resource Administration (HRA)

Since 1998, our programming teams have implemented more than 20 projects on various platforms using a broad range of applications. Our team leaders for individual projects have successfully coordinated the progress of work between our team members and the HRA management. These projects have ranged from various Client Server applications; Y2K and mainframe systems conversions; LAN management/administration; Financial management; ERP; Large scale database development, maintenance and management; Web based systems; Document management and scores of other small projects based on the needs of individual units. Our approach has assisted in identifying project tasks development of a Project Plan, defining all milestones and tasks utilizing software project management software tools. Some of the projects managed are mentioned below:

  1. The automated timekeeping system collects time entries, records leave requests, provides for supervisory review and approval, and process time and attendance information for transmittal to payroll system. Our consultants are responsible for developing, testing, implementing and maintaining the system. Tasks also included developing and testing codes, developing problem reports, and preparing specifications to correct problems. They are also responsible for addressing new requirements and effectively implementing the same into the original system.
  2. The facilities/asset management system has replaced a mini based system that was not Y2K compliant. The system records all activities in the maintenance of facilities used by HRA. By relating to the data gathered by other systems such as automated timekeeping system, it is also designed to provide strategic information to the Agency that can relate to headcount to space occupied and activities required to maintain that space. This is a client server based system that utilizes an Informix Database maintained by HRA and PowerBuilder front end that provides access to this database for the purpose of data entry, review, and report writing. It also has elements of web data presentation that will shortly be added to the system allowing electronic submission of requests.
  3. Developing and implementing enterprise networks (LAN/WAN) and office automation systems for HRA. These range from medium to highly complex on-line interactive and/or stand-alone systems, including document imaging and client server applications of various platforms. The task includes installation and configuration of network operating systems; hardware set up and installation of file servers, desktop equipments, peripherals, routers, hubs and switches; Establishing access control procedures and protocols such as user identification, access rights; system monitoring and tuning; Designing and implementing LAN to mainframe connectivity.
  4. The online flyer system provides the HRA employees (15 000 employees) an additional way to view and respond to flyers. The employee is assured that all of the active flyers are posted and that any response made is complete and timely. Ultimately all flyers, including flyers from other agencies, will be available in this one location. The system architecture is thin client running under Windows 2000 using Microsoft Internet Explorer as the browser. The Web Server uses Microsoft's IIS 4.0 (Internet Server) and Allaire's Cold Fusion MX as middle ware that interfaces with a SQL Server database. Crystal Reports is used as the report writer.